March 31st, 2008 | Yaz

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  1. karpidis says:

    Салам , если можешь пишать на англишком или на русском языке будет легко читать твой блог.

    Ana dilimizdə:

    Salam, əgər sən eləyə bilsən Rusca ya İngiliscə yazasan, yazılarını oxumaq daha rahat olar.


  2. Yaşar says:


    Ana dilimizdə
    Salam, bu önəri məndə elə istəyirdim sizə verəm. Sizdə İngiliscə ya Türkcə yazsanız, yazılarınızı oxumaq daha rahat olar.


    Hi there,
    I have a same suggestion for you. If you could write in English or Turkish, your blog would be easier to read.




  3. karpidis says:

    Actually it will be very soon :) But I am not writing about things interesting in foreigners :) (except my trip to Azerian Nagorno Karabakh (I was in Fizuli) ) But I saw that you liked it my delicious at delicious :) ) When I am going to write something in english I will inform you. At this moment you can only see my photos from your country.


  4. Yaşar says:

    I was just kidding. :)

    Thanks to technology, I can also read your blog by google translator.


  5. karpidis says:

    Actually I didn’t understand the translation of google. BUT I have already registered on your english posts feed. So I am looking forward.


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