iPhone with 6GB data for 65$ monthly?

July 12th, 2008 | Yaz

After spending almost three hours staying in line, I was lucky to get the last iPhone in the store. The Fido plan that I already had was what I needed: 250 airtime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends, 100 outgoing long-distance (in Canada), incoming free, caller ID, who is called, voice message, 125 sms all for 35$. The cheapest offer among iPhone plans is 60$ for 400MB data, 150 airtime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends, 75 sms, Visual Voicemail, unlimited Fido and Rogers Hotspots Wi-Fi accounts, Call Waiting and Conference Call. At first, I thought that I should forget my previous plan, but they told me that I can keep it and add a 6GB data plan for 30$ per month called 3G Smartphone Data Option (100$ charge for early unsubscription). Since I do not care for visual voice mail and those hot-spots, I decided to keep my plan and add that data plan. This is what I could understand from their explanation. The next bill will show how much is the actual damage! If you are also interested, surf their website, call their costumer servise, … make sure that this works. Any feedback is appreciated.

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