Square Watermelon in North America

July 18th, 2008 | Yaz

Save on foods is selling square watermelon now. Hurry up if you would

like to try it for 99.99$ per lb each!

Those look like 10lbs each. So, I am looking forward to hearing from

square apple or at least square berries! Hopefully their price won’t

be higher than 99.99$ per lb.

2 Responses to “Square Watermelon in North America”

  1. Hideyuki Terashima says:

    Well, i actually want to buy 1, If you are s till selling one.
    Or can you tell me how I can get 1?


  2. Yaşar says:

    LOL, I am/was not selling. It was sold in save on foods. Check it http://www.saveonfoods.com. They may still have it on sale.


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